• 35 days hotel digital consulting program

35 Days Hotel Digital Consulting Program

35 days HOTEL DIGITAL CONSULTING PROGRAM is an intensive digital marketing and outreach program with predictive results, It helps hotel to setting up in-house DIGITAL TEAM.


Audit of various digital marketing channels is to assesses existing website’s analytics with bounce rate, speed test, photo content and online social media presence.

Understand direct booking conversion with legacy booking chart then we do realtime room booking at hotel to analyse Reservation Manager response time and how effective Reservation team is handling guest query including discounts etc.

Our aim is to understand existing system and fine tune with our propose standard operating procedure.


Customised Digital marketing framework is based on our audit report and categorised digital resources into RED, YELLOW AND GREEN zone, so that corrective action can be implement based on priority and get desired result in fix timeframe.

Our key objective is to create in-house DIGITAL TEAM combination of experienced and youth member to manage daily, weekly and monthly task, beside set guideline for hotel on how effectively they manage their digital agency based accountability.


Our aim is to create 35 days DIGITAL HOTEL road map and scheduled deliverance accordingly as Hospitality being dynamic segment and timely deliverance services bring desire result.


Digital Hospitality marketing is all about driving guest engagement, feedback and endorsement.

To deliver guest digital experience, Hotel require skill set to manage digital resources in-house viz. website hosting platform, search engine visibility or social media engagement, candid photo content with consistent efforts.

2 days Digital Marketing Training provide set of skills for day to day management of digital resources.


How do you build an exceptional hotel website or how do you ensure that you are using the right mix of technology and creative ? During our 35 days DIGITAL HOTEL program, we create campaign website and learn how you can using our WEBSITE CHECKLIST and create custom websites that drive traffic and boost direct business.

Website Navigation,Mobile and Search Engine friendly website design is prerequisite for higher ranking on search engine.


Hotel’s photo content creation objective is to build trust and capture visitor attention with photo’s  answering their queries. Analytic shows PHOTOS are key driving factor for quick booking conversion. During our DIGITAL  HOTEL program we provide insight on how to click professional photo and edit.

Photo and Video story broadcast on various digital channels based on theme  such as SUMMER 2018 or WINTER 2018.


Social and Search Marketing platform delivers brand story of hotel in form community based brand outreach and higher ranking on selected keywords. With collaborative efforts of Digital Team members of hotel, can deliver more impact in term of emotions and energy via photos, text and video content consistently rather then efforts by digital agency.

Our experience suggest that photos with history, food, happy guest and curated dynamic information about destination create lot more impact then promotional post.

Choice of social media channel plays important role in find target customers for hotels.


Direct bookings has become key objective for hotels for an efficient Revenue Management strategy in  an ultra competitive sector of hospitality, lately hotels are moving away from online travel agencies (OTAs) and other third parties due to high rate of commission charged with cross-selling and up-selling being major issue.

Our suggestion beside booking engine on official website, Online Chat and Metasearch (Google Hotels and TripAdvisor) play important part in direct booking conversion.


Allocate monthly budget for online advertising strategy for discoverable by hotel target guest and also it create impact on CTR (Click through rate) for higher ranking on Google.

Our recommendation for small and medium hotelier to use Adword Express and Facebook advertisement for higher return of investment also Google Hotel ads will give you the power to control to compete with OTAs bidding.


Online Reputation has two perspective one is to build online reputation by asking guest to fill feedback form and survey, second is how to protect your reputation online from bully guests, who threaten hotels for more discounts otherwise tarnish hotel’s image.

Our suggestion to hotels is to define protocol and brief all hotel staffs on what to when ! As customers trust online reviews more than hotel website. Hotel with top rank reviews on TripAdvisor is bound to get more direct business then competitors.


Analytics helps hotel to define their digital marketing strategy  based on bounce rate, guest demographic, top rank keywords, top rank pages.

Our analytics is based on various factors, which includes websites, social media channel, offline reviews, no. of calls  and TripAdvisor reviews above all to identify top performing Manager, Most of analytics data is available realtime basis for hotel management to review.


We provide seamless online support based on online chat, telephone or email. Our 35 days DIGITAL HOTEL program comes with 35+60 days support.

For more information and quote, Contact Manish : 9828981000 or manish@webtechnosys.com

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